New Vocabulary Words – Test on 2/27

Vocabulary Set 10


  • quadrilateral ~ a polygon with four sides and four angles
  • polygon ~ a closed figure with three or more straight lines
  • equivalent ~ the same or equal
  • verify – to prove something or to make sure something is true


Example: Mom decided to call the school to verify that we were getting out early the next day.


  • predict– to guess what will happen in the future


Example: Because Anna seems sorry for hurting my feelings, I predictthat she would soon apologize.


  • characteristic – a feature or quality of someone or something


Example: Her kind, caring, and giving characteristics cause her to have many friends.


  • prefix– a group of letters added before a word or base to change its meaning and form a new word.
  • root word– the part of a word that carries the meaning and has no added parts.
  • suffix– a group of letters added to the end of a word or base to change its meaning and form a new word.
  • first person point of view– the point of view in which the narrator tells the story based on his/her specific knowledge or views


Words like:   I, me, we, us


  • third person point of view– the point of view written as if the author is observing the events of the story.


Words like: he, she, they, them


  • genre- a category of writing based on form, technique, or content.
  • biography – an account of a person’s life, written by someone else


Example: Martin’s Big Words  (The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) by Doreen  Rappaport


  • autobiography – an account of someone’s life, written by THAT person


Example: The Diary of a Young Girl (a book about Anne Frank) written by Anne Frank

  1. unfamiliar– not familiar; unknown

Example: The pair of socks looked very unfamiliar to her; she had no clue who they belonged to.

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