Vocabulary test Friday, December 5th

*Just a quick reminder that the vocabulary test is THIS Friday this week.*

Vocabulary Set 6


  1. formal – formal language is proper, official, legal, and grammatically correct like used in textbooks, newspapers, etc.

Examples: The car you purchased is quite nice.  Please turn that in as soon as possible (NOT ASAP)

  1. informal – informal language is everyday language that is casual and relaxed with no strict rules like used in e-mail, texting, Facebook, etc. **may use slang or abbreviations like ASAP

Examples: better late than never, chill out, that car of yours is sick, cool

  1. express – to tell someone about an opinion or feeling by speaking or writing it

Please express yourself by using informal language in your e-mail.

  1. plot – the sequence of actions or events in a play or story

  2. theme-  the central message of the story (the heart of the story)

  3. drama- a play for theater, radio, or television

I definitely want to be involved in the drama club when I enter middle school.

  1. scene – small division of a play within an act that marks a change of characters, place or action.

There were eight scenes in the play that my group was acting out.

  1. dialogue- two or more people speaking to one another on stage

The dialogue between the two characters made us laugh hysterically.

  1. stage directions – an instruction written into the script of a play, indicating stage actions or movements of performers

The narrator was told NOT to read the stage directions aloud when narrating the play.

  1. scenery -part of the set that shows the location of the scene or play, usually on the backdrop

Because of their artistic talents, the scenery for our play was absolutely gorgeous!


  1. product –  answer to a multiplication problem


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