New Vocabulary Words!

New vocabulary words were sent home that will be tested on Friday, November 14th. We will be using these words in class throughout the next couple of weeks and making them part of our vocabulary in the classroom. Also, an attachment of the vocabulary words will be posted on my calendar if you need to print out an extra copy.


Vocabulary Set 5


  1. justify –  to provide evidence or give reasons (PROOF)

  2. author –  the creator of written work

  3. illustrator – an artist who makes the pictures that go along with the text (words)

  4. media – a means of communicating information

Examples: newspaper, television, radio, billboard, Internet

  1. graphic –  a visual image such as a diagram, illustration, symbol, drawing, photograph, or graph


  1. advertise –  to call attention to a product; to announce or give praise to a particular product

  2. advertisement techniques –  a method used to draw people to your product

Examples: Catchy slogans such as Burger King’s “Have It Your Way”, logos, promotion, repetition, catchy jingle (song),  and exaggeration

  1. message – a theme, lesson, or moral

  2. slogana word or phrase used by a business to attract attention

    Example:“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”

  1. logo – a symbol or picture that is used to identify a company



11.    product– answer to a multiplication problem


12.    matter– anything that takes up space


13.    solid– a form of matter that takes up a specific amount of space and has a definite shape


14.    liquid– a form of matter that has volume that stays the same, but can change its shape


15.    gas– a form of matter that does not have a definite shape or a definite volume

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