New Vocabulary Words

Today we are sending home new vocabulary words to be tested on NEXT Friday, October 3rd. I am also attaching a copy of the vocabulary words page to my calendar at the top of my blog for easy access and printing options. You will see it under todays date and a link will be on the event to view a copy. We will be using these words regularly during class these next couple of weeks and will be doing several activities to prepare us for the vocabulary test. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me at any time and I will answer as soon as I have the opportunity. 🙂 Thank you!!


Math Vocabulary:

Boundary Numbers— the numbers that the identified number comes between

Mid-Point Number— the number in the middle of the boundary numbers

Equal— two numbers or values that are the same

Greater than— a number that is higher than another number (>)

Less than— a number that is lower than another number (<)

Compare— explaining how something is similar (the same) or different

Reading Vocabulary:

Summary— explaining the beginning, middle, and end points of a story briefly

Sequence— putting items or steps in order in the way they should occur
Sequencing words: then, last, next, finally, first, also, to begin

Schema— what you already know, your prior knowledge

Evidence— clues or solid material to prove an answer

Point of View— the way of looking or thinking of something, who the reader is experiencing the story through
First Person— includes pronouns like “I” and “we”, story seen through one character

Third Person–includes pronouns like “he”, “she”, or “they”, the narrator is not a part of the story

Inference/Draw Conclusion—the process of using what we know and read to learn more than what the author tells us

Character Traits—specific adjectives that would describe a character

Science/Social Studies:

Landforms— a natural feature of Earth’s surface

Climate— specific weather conditions for a certain areaBoundary Numbers- the numbers that the

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