Vocabulary Test: Friday, September 19th

Vocabulary Words
Test on Friday, September 19th
Study hard!! 🙂
  1. genre— a certain type or category of , musical, or artistic composition
  2. personification— an animal or thing doing something like a human. example: an animal talking
  3. exaggeration— stretching the truth
  4. prefix— a word part added to the beginning of a base word changing the words meaning                       example: pre, re, non
  5. suffix—a word part added to the end of a base word changing the words meaning                               example: ful, ous, less
  6. fairy tales— a story with characters that are good and bad, it using magic, the story starts with “once upon a time” and ends with “ and they lived happily ever after”        example: Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast
  7. tall tales— a story about a true person that has been shared so much their life is exaggerated to the point that many of the events are no longer true.
  8. key—a part on the map that has symbols and clues on how to read the map
  9. compass rose—it’s located on the map to show the directions, normally N,S,E, and W
  10. digit—a number 0-9
  11. value—how much something is worth…in this place it is place value.  How much a digit is worth depending on the place it is in the number.
  12. decompose—to separate
  13. compose—to put together
  14. expanded form—stretching a number out to show each digits true 0-9
  15. word form—writing  a number out using words

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