Vocabulary Test THIS Friday 3/21

Vocabulary Test is THIS Friday 3/21. Study hard!


1. chart – information in the form of a table, graph, or diagram

2.diagram – a chart or graph that tells about an object or topic; a labeled picture

3. emphasize- to make stand out; to stress

Example: By capitalizing and bolding the words WORK QUIETLY, my teacher emphasized that she wanted us to work quietly in groups.

4.  interpret – to explain the meaning of something

Example: I had a difficult time trying to interpret what the man was saying in Spanish.

5. foreshadowing – giving clues as to what’s to come in a story

6.  unfamiliar– not familiar; unknown

Example: The pair of socks looked very unfamiliar to her; she had no clue who they belonged to.

7.  textual evidence – evidence given from the text (the written selection)

8.   figure- a drawing

Example: Look at Figure 19E.

9.  heading – a title at the beginning of a page, section, or chapter

10.  subheading – an additional heading that comes right after (below) the heading

11.    verify – to prove something or to make sure something is true

 Example: Mom decided to call the school to verify that we were getting out early the next day.

12. predict– to guess what will happen in the future

Example: Because Anna seems sorry for hurting my feelings, I predictthat she would soon apologize.

13. characteristic – a feature or quality of someone or something

Example: Her kind, caring, and giving characteristics cause her to have many friends.

14. biography – an account of a person’s life, written by someone else

Example: Martin’s Big Words  (The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) by Doreen Rappaport

15. autobiography – an account of someone’s life, written by THAT person

Example: The Diary of a Young Girl (a book about Anne Frank) written by Anne Frank

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